Bazaar: Hala Mirowska

Hala Mirowska is Warsaw's central open-air produce market. Open every day, except Sundays. We come here to pick up veggies, fruits, eggs, fresh seafood, hard-to-find meat like lamb cuts, cheese, mushrooms, cookies, and kapusta - delicious pickled cabbage out of a barrel. It's cheap and it's the best practice in speaking Polish you'll ever get because no one here speaks even an inkling of English. Best to go on a weekday morning.

Breakfast: Charlotte

Charlotte is a casual French bakery, basically Warsaw's answer to Le Pain Quotidien. There are two locations, but we like the one on Plac Zbawiciela, which offers a great view on the church. Besides a variety of croissents and pastries, you can also get eggs, yogurt, and classics like croque madame. Charlotte's bread basket comes with fun spreads - raspberry jam, honey and (Poles' favorite) white chocolate.

Weekend Breakfast: Manekin

Manekin was long a mystery to us because it always had a long line out the door. Even in the rain. When a new Manekin opened close to us on Plac Konstitucji, we got their magic line-forming formula: a million crepe options for a super cheap price. Breakfast for 2 costs us 35zl (that's $9, with coffee and tea). We like savory nalesniki with potato, onion and cheese and the sweet, gooey, farmer's cheese one. Website:


Fancy Cocktails: Weles

Weles is our favorite fancy cocktail bar in Warsaw because it has a dark, sexy decor, good retro DJ on Friday nights, and is hidden in the corner of a gloomy communist-era courtyard. The cocktails are absolutely spectacular and, for Warsaw, are spectacularly expensive (like San Francisco-level). Great people watching. Website:

Cafe Warsaw

Best Coffee: Ministerstwo Kawy

Considered the best-quality coffee in Warsaw, Ministerstwo is located next to the popular Plac Zbawiciela. The brews are solid and they sell their beans too. They also have chess boards and cake. Website: