We are Mr. & Mrs.


Our story:

In 2015, we got married and decided not to do the responsible thing (like buying a house in the best school district for our future children), but instead move abroad. So off we went from San Francisco to... Warsaw. Most who knew us weren't surprised: since we met while both traveling alone around the world, this new move together to try a non-American lifestyle seemed like the natural next adventure.

As new expats living in Warsaw, Poland, we think of this as an experiment and the first step in internationalizing our lives. Neither of us had a job here or had any friends. We also didn't speak Polish. None of which sounds very smart, but hey, that's why this is an adventure :)

Hopefully, one day when we're wrinkled and hard of hearing, it will make a great story for our grandchildren. 

We hope this blog inspires you to do something unexpected. Or maybe it will convince you to stay exactly where you are. Either way, enjoy our posts and drop us a line.