We are Mr. & Mrs.


Our story:

In 2015, we got married and decided not to do the responsible thing like buying a house in the best school district for our future children, but instead move abroad. So off we went from San Francisco, California to... Warsaw, Poland. Most people who knew us weren't that surprised: we met while both traveling alone around the world, so this new move together to try an international lifestyle seemed like the natural next adventure.

We didn't know anyone in Warsaw and didn't have a job waiting for us. We also didn't speak any Polish. None of which sounds very smart, but hey, that's why it's called an adventure! After a year of exploring Poland, making new friends, learning how to pronounce words that seemed unthinkable, appreciating Socialist Realist architecture, and eating a lot of pork, potatoes and pickles, we moved to Berlin to have our first kid. Berlin is where you'll fine us today.

We hope this blog inspires you to do something unexpected. Or maybe it will convince you to stay exactly where you are. Either way, enjoy our posts and drop us a line if you want to connect, get advice, or share your story.

- Mr & Mrs